Level 11 Rogue


STR: 9 (-1)
DEX: 20 (5)
CON: 12 (
INT: 17 (3)
WIS: 16 (
CHA: 10 (0)
Sanity: 15 (+2)

Speed: 40 ft
Hit Die: d8
HP: 122
AC: 17

Saving Throws: DEX (14), CON (6), INT (10), WIS (10)


  • Light armor, Simple weapons, Hand crossbows, Longsword, Rapier, Shortsword
  • Thieves’ tools (x2 prof bonus), Disguise kit, Poisoner’s kit.
  • Skills: Arcana (10), Deception (4) History (10), Investigation (14), Sleight of hand (18), Stealth (18)

*Thieves’ tools, Burglar’s pack, Studded leather armor, Blinkback belt, Cloak of Displacement

  • Assassin’s dagger, +1 Dagger
  • Wand of polymorph, White dragon claw (Therai), Potion of psychic resistance
  • Potion of Frost Giant’s strength, 2 potions of greater healing, 580 gp

Languages: Common, Infernal, Celestial, Thieves cant, Slaadi, Jotun

Features and Traits:

  • Darkvision 60 ft
  • Resist radiant and fire damage
  • Healing touch: 1 action, touch. Regain 1d8 hp & free poison, blindness, and deafness. Once per long rest
  • Expertise: Thieves’ tools, Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Investigation
  • Dash, Disengage, Hide as bonus action
  • Sneak attack: 6d6
  • Shartpshooter: Ignore long range penalty on thrown objects. Ignore 1/2 and 3/4 cover. -5 to hit, +10 to damage
  • Mobile: Dashing on difficult terrain doesn’t cost extra movement. When I attack a creature, I don’t provoke attacks of opportunity, whether I hit or not
  • Skulker: Hide while lightly obscured. If I miss with ranged attack, it doesn’t reveal my position. Dim light doesn’t give disadvantage on perception rolls
  • Uncanny dodge: If I see an attack that is going to hit me, I can use reaction and take 1/2 damage
  • Evasion: DEX ST for AOE attacks. No damage on success or half damage if fail
  • Assassinate: Advantage on attacks against enemies that haven’t gone yet. If I hit against an enemy that is surprised it is an automatic critical hit
  • Infiltration expertise: 7 days and 25 gold I can create a fake identity for myself
  • Reliable talent: Ability checks that I am proficient in with a roll lower than get treated as if I had rolled a 10.


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